A Kiss For Jed Wood

After winning a TV game show called “Follow A Star,” the bubbly and beautiful Orla Cassidy’s prize is a trip to New York City in an attempt to track down and kiss country music star, Jed Wood. The game show dispatches an out-of-touch, cynical, loner of a cameraman, Ray Timmons, to document her chase after Jed. The unlikely and bickering duo head to New York, and after a travel hiccup meet-up with Mike, a New Jersey native who was assigned by the TV station as a soundman but to their surprise Mike’s only experience in sound is in the porn industry. Nonetheless, with the team complete, they set out to find Jed Wood but the rag-tag bunch encounters a comedy of errors as they blunder along. Unbeknownst to them a local radio deejay picks up on their mission and while poking fun, starts to champion their quest. Will Orla and Jed Wood finally have their kiss?