Live4ever [SXSW 2018]

For SXSW 2018 LocoDistro was a proud sponsor of the Live4ever Media Lounge—which is forever dedicated to identifying and showcasing the brightest and most interesting new music talent.

Over the years, the Media Lounge has become the breaking bands “place to be” —and this year’s featured artists most certainly will not disappoint.

Among others—this year’s lounge saw the likes of Brit-Rock tastemakers IDLES, FRANK TURNER, LIFE, and LA’s STARCRAWLER all come through to chat, discuss influences, and talk about what’s next. Inteviews and amazing up close & personal footage will be posted in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned!  This was a SXSW to remember.

Letters2Amy Exhibition [2018]

AUSTIN, Texas, March 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Announced from SXSW, Letters2Amy will unfold as a series of key events and mixed media moments. Beginning with a touring interactive exhibition—it’s an art, performance & music initiative dedicated to supporting young British artists and offers special attention to self-belief, well-being and mental health awareness. It also includes a unique episodic documentary series of films exploring Amy Winehouse’s influence, inspiration and legacy.

Letters2Amy Creative Director Phil Griffin said, “Our project is a very personal and important conversation with Amy herself. We aim to celebrate and focus energy on all that she gave so generously, to all that she touched through her life & music.”

Mr. Griffin continued, “For me Amy was always more vanguard than victim and despite her challenges, she always encouraged people around her to believe in themselves. To find honesty in their creativity and to take refuge in whatever art, music, dance, or films they loved. Even now through the incredible work of our partners at The Amy Winehouse Foundation her legacy is one of positive change in the lives of many. In Letters2Amy we’re simply offering a whole range of artists from many mediums a new creative platform to share the very big heart & soul she always had the courage to show us.”

“Amy Winehouse was a unique artist and Letters2Amy will continue her legacy by supporting and highlighting British talent around the globe,” said Conrad Bird, Director, the GREAT Britain campaign.  “Creative director Phil Griffin and producer Gabriel Gornell will bring the Letters2Amy experience to life and showcase the work of a British music icon, inspiring the next generation of creative talent in the UK and internationally.”

Producer Gabriel Gornell said, “We couldn’t be happier that the GREAT Britain campaign understood our Letters2Amy goals. Together, we’re going to raise spirits, provide support, and make a real difference. Specific cities, dates, and performances will be announced in the upcoming months. It’s truly exciting.”

About Letters2Amy
Letters2Amy is a touring exhibition in celebration of Amy Winehouse from creative director Phil Griffin and producer Gabriel Gornell. It’s an art, performance & music initiative dedicated to supporting young British artists while giving special attention to self-belief and mental health awareness.

About the GREAT campaign
The GREAT Britain campaign is the UK Government’s ambitious international marketing campaign and showcases the very best of what Britain has to offer in order to encourage the world to do business with, invest in, study and visit the UK. The campaign unites the international growth promotion efforts of the Department for International Trade, VisitBritain, British Council and the FCO.  GREAT aims to deliver significant and long-term increases in trade, tourism, education and inward investment in support of the UK Government’s prosperity and growth agenda.

WAR by U2 came out how long ago?

Some Rock History for ya… Today in 1983 (ahem 35 years ago) U2 released their 3rd studio album War. Produced by Steve Lillywhite, the album is regarded as their first overtly political album with ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’ and ‘New Year’s Day.’ War became the band’s first #1 album in the UK—knocking Michael Jackson’s Thriller from the top spot.

1961: This Day In Music

It’s 2018 and we must acknowledge that race barriers sadly exist for too many Americans. Today in 1961 #Motown released its first million-seller. #ShopAround by #TheMiracles. Talk about breaking cultural barriers. Amazing achievement. I almost didn’t post this cause I didn’t want the importance to sound contrived—me being a white guy posting during #BlackHistoryMonth. But I happen to love #SmokeyRobinson. And I’ve had the pleasure of working with him. This anniversary deserves acknowledgment.

Philly Friday: DJ Jazzy Jeff Set

In honor of the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl win earlier this week (and the Grammys last week) we’re gonna kick off the weekend with a Philly-born Grammy-winning legend—DJ Jazzy Jeff. Born in Philly, winner of HipHop’s first Grammy (for 1989’s ‘Parents Just Don’t Understand’) and legit creator of Turntablism’s game-changing Transform scratchDJ Jazzy Jeff is still so good that Hollywood went to him to perform all the scratching in the feature film ‘Straight Outta Compton.’

This set is almost three years old—but so damn good. Hosted by collaborator and MC, Dayne Jordan, here is DJ Jazzy Jeff performing a tribute to the late-great J. Dilla from Johnny Brenda’s on N. Frankford Avenue in Philadelphia, PA.

Happy Friday. And you’re welcome!


Does it matter that the “safe choice” for Music TV’s single biggest performance doesn’t have a good album?


This Sunday Justin Timberlake takes the Super Bowl Halftime stage to support an album that Pitchfork describes as “shallow” and “a huge misstep for Justin” …but does it matter?

Let’s start with why Justin? Let’s be honest—he’s not musically exciting, he’s already done it, and nobody misses him yet. So wasn’t there anyone else the fans would be more excited to see?

Millennial pop fans prefer Charlie Puth – but JT is okay
R&B pop fans prefer Cardi B – but JT is okay
Older pop fans prefer Madonna – but JT is okay
Rock fans apparently don’t exist
Country fans prefer Chris Stapleton – but JT is okay if he brings Chris Stapleton

So when you look at it that way—JT is the clear and obvious choice for today’s TV Executive. The question of “is he musically relevant right now?” wasn’t even asked. Booking rule number one for TV Execs should always be—how is the music?

As long as we’re attempting to safely appeal to the perfect middle of a divided country, JT is what we get. But I can’t help but believe that going for the “second best booking” because it safely checks the boxes isn’t just a cop-out. How well is “lowest common denominator” working in other areas?

Now, throwing a bone to JT… his catalog and charisma may pull him through just fine. But I do hope he doesn’t bring Jimmy Fallon on stage. If he brings out Janet Jackson however— I’ll forgo another trip to the seven-layer dip and watch what happens. All that said, a “safe” performer with a questionable new album should not be enough to book TV’s biggest music gig.

Yes, everyone will be a ratings expert by Monday morning. But answering the headline’s question of “does it matter” two day’s before the event isn’t a sure thing. He’s a star for a reason, even if that reason happened a few years back. Social media will rant regardless of quality, so perhaps the actual Halftime ratings will be the only true definition of Halftime success or failure.

If Halftime experiences a ratings drop-off of Grammy proportions then yes, it matters. Take a knee to that.

LocoDistro at SXSW [12-18 March, 2018]

LocoDistro will be at SXSW representing and collaborating with Letters2Amy (Amy Winehouse Foundation), Pirate Studios, The British Consulate/Great Britain Campaign, Live4ever, and JA Films—as well as presenting some exciting artist opportunities in areas of distribution, publishing, music content management, and content creation.

Managers, Artists, Distributors, Acquisitions, Technology, Rights-holders—Reach out to schedule a meeting with us.

This Holiday Season… We’re lending a hand.

We’re proud of the latest campaign we created for the amazing non-profit A Better Balance—called Family Leave Works.  And we’re even more proud to help spread their message this holiday season in support of New York State’s ground-breaking paid family leave law which goes into effect January 1st, 2018. You can learn more about the amazing work they do by visiting

You can help too with a simple Tweet or Post of support…

I support #FamilyLeaveWorks and paid family leave.
Learn more at

Microsoft & Golden Dawn Arkestra [2017]

Gabriel Gornell and LocoDistro are excited to be collaborating with Microsoft this fall—consulting and providing music entertainment for their Travel Summit in legendary music city—Austin, Texas.

Equally thrilled to be working with Austin’s own funk-jazz futurists Golden Dawn Arkestra. Keep Austin Weird!