Business Of Film 4/15/2010

_BizOfFilm_Banner_4_15 _BizOfFilm_Photo_4_15April 15, 2010

For Locomotive Entertainment Distribution, founded in September 2009 as a division of The Locomotive Entertainment Group, MIPTV 20 marks the company’s first official outing to MIPTV, at which Colleen Seldin, Locomotive Distribution’s President, announces acquisition of two informative children’s series for buyers in the international marketplace: B. I. Group’s Bubble Bubble Cook and Moray Black Productions’ Job Jumpers from Emmy Award-winning producer, Len Stone (“What’s Up?”).

Gabriel Gornell, Chief Creative Officer of Locomotive Distribution said: “I fell in love with Bubble Bubble Cook moments after meeting Joon Lee at Kidscreen. The creative is so fresh and so funny… and the fact that “Bubble” supports kid nutrition and good eating habits is hugely important for us. “

Colleen Seldin, President Locomotive Distribution added: “Job Jumpers is equally important as it inspires kids to think about their futures and showcases careers with hands on experience. We hope that both of these deals are the start of two great partnerships for the future.”

Joon Lee, Producer B.I Group commented: “Locomotive Distribution is the perfect fit for B.I. Group and Bubble Bubble Cook. They’ve got the right mix of sales experience, worldwide reach, and creative firepower. We’re excited about working with them to take this property to audiences outside of Korea, where we premiered last month.”

Producer, Len Stone said: “When the idea of Job Jumpers occurred to me, I ran the idea past several colleagues of mine. Everybody (and their kids) thought it was a great concept, including Moray Black Productions. In partnership with Moray’s company, I produced a 30 minute pilot that turned out to be….as the kids would say….Totally Awesome!”

Moray Black of Moray Black Productions concluded: “Both Len and I agree that our greatest stroke of good fortune was when Gabe and Colleen with Locomotive Entertainment Group offered to represent the show. The advice and counsel already provided by Locomotive is proving to be invaluable and their commitment and faith in our program is providing what we believe will be the springboard to our ultimate success.”

About Locomotive Entertainment Group
Founded in September 2009 Locomotive Entertainment Group is a New York City based film and television production company that develops and produces programming as Locomotive Creative Services, with Locomotive Distribution handling worldwide distribution for film, television and new media. The company’s productions span genres including, action, science fiction, horror, comedy, sports, science and technology. Current productions include a broadcast special for Discovery Channel called Tyrannosaurus Sex, and Kenny Rogers: The First 50 years for MGM Grand and Dreamcatcher Entertainment