You’re Nobody Til Somebody Kills You [2012]

YNTSKY_Photo_08For Michael A. Pinckney’s feature film directorial debut, the hip hop horror film You’re Nobody Til Somebody Kills You (YNTSKY), Gabriel served as Executive Producer along side Spike Lee with a key focus on music.

YNTSKY_Photo_03For the studio sequence featuring rhymes from rap icon Doug E. Fresh, Gabriel produced an original beat with EDM composer Kotchy.  And for the live performance from legend Big Daddy Kane, Gabriel produced the beat with Kotchy and Inner Party System.  Gabriel also cleared tracks from Inner Party System via a collaboration with Red Bull Records.




Il Volo [2013]

For the 40th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, Gabriel made the creative decision to accompany the heartfelt In Memoriam tribute with a live musical performance—something the Daytime Emmys hadn’t done for the last five years.

With the help of talent producer Caprise Arreola (The Voice, Kennedy Center Honors, Primetime Emmys), Gabriel booked and produced a very memorable segment featuring international opera sensation Il Volo performing their hit Mas Que Amor.

Il Volo (Italian for ‘The Flight’) is the Italian operatic pop trio consisting of tenors Piero Barone and Ignazio Boschetto, and baritone Gianluca Ginoble. They’ve released four albums since 2010 and have quickly become international superstars.


BOS (1999)

Blast from the past. In 1999 I made this short film with writer Michael Shapiro, director Darek Bell, animator and sculpture genius Dan Katcher, and long-time collaborator and friend, Ben Telford as art director.  Stop motion animation is a slow, painful process.  But we were determined to forgo CGI, and keep this art project true to form.  It’s dark, twisted, troubling statement on society.  Enjoy!

Man About Town (1997)

Man About Town (1997).  I executive produced this short film in 1997 and among other accolades, it went on to win Best Short Film and the Sundance Film Festival.  Wow.  Can’t believe how many years ago we made this. The director (Kris Isacsson) and I were best friends when we were teenagers—and we made movies all the time together.  Later on, we worked together a great deal professionally as well.

This little art film was made during that interesting period after school—but before I was really any sort of professional filmmaker.  The writer (and lead actor) was a friend as well.  His name is Matt Gunn, and to this day I still love the script that he wrote.

Oh.  And that’s a young me playing the Jersey guy.  Man About Town.  Hope you like it.

St. Sebastians


A twisted thriller from director Danny DeVito leaves you questing what’s real and what’s paranoia. One Wounded Cop. One Wounded Murderer. One Sultry Nurse. The three thrust together as war rages outside the only possibly safe house. An abandoned City Hospital. With no doctors and only a few poor decrepit souls as witnesses, it becomes a rats maze as our antagonistic trio get separated and we find out the real reason they are there.

Who is Nancy? (2013)

For the 40th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards from LocoDistro and Executive Producer Gabriel Gornell a series of comedic shorts were produced with Writer, Producer, Actress Nancy Lee Grahn and writer Kaore Bonnell.

Battles BC

As Founding partner and Executive Producer of Four In Hand Entertainment Group—Gabriel Gornell served as Executive Producer of the epic eight episode series Battles BC for History Channel.

Prepare for a riveting portrayal of some of the most exciting battles of ancient history–as well as the tales of betrayal, lust, conquest and brutality that often accompanied them. BATTLES BC: THE COMPLETE SEASON ONE, the exciting series from HISTORY, uses computer graphics and live-action stunts to bring to life the battle strategies, tactics, and weapons of past military leaders, from Hannibal and the Romans to Moses, the Athenians, and David.

Using a graphic style similar to 300, the graphic novel that became a Hollywood blockbuster, BATTLES BC: THE COMPLETE SEASON ONE shows how leaders from the ancient world fared in some of the greatest conflicts in history, exposing the truths and myths behind the legendary feats of the epic heroes and villains who didn’t just wage war, but invented it.

39th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards

In 2012 LocoDistro was selected by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences to produce the Daytime Emmy Awards and help reinvent the classic Emmy brand with Gabriel Gornell serving as Executive Producer.  As programming trends continued to shift from daytime dramas (soaps) to more varied daytime content—award categories like Cooking Shows and Children’s Shows were included in the telecast for the very first time.

Check out our photo gallery for highlights from the 39th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards.  Congrats to all the Emmy nominees and winners!

40th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards

For the second year in a row, LocoDistro was selected by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences to produce the Daytime Emmy Awards which aired live on HLN/Turner on June 16th.  Gabriel Gornell also took the helm for the second year running as Executive Producer—and worked closely with the entire daytime community to honor a great year in daytime programming

Show highlights included George Lucas winning his first Emmy presented by none other than Carrie Fisher, Betty White presenting an emotional lifetime achievement award for Bob Stewart, the new faces of talk—Kris Jenner and Bethenny Frankel each presenting talk show awards, the unforgettable Kathy Griffin presenting the award for best writing, and of course “envelope-gate” with the ladies from The Talk.  A very special shout out goes to Nancy Lee Grahn (General Hospital) for an amazing package of videos featuring Alex Trebek, Katie Couric, Funny or Die’s Billy Eichner, The Talk, and many more.

See our photo gallery for amazing images from this year’s show. Congrats to all the Emmy nominees and winners!