EKG / a Graffiti Photo Essay

EKG_Image_28If you’ve spent any time in NYC over the last couple years, you’ve probably spotted the pulsing orange wave known within the graf world as EKG.  There’s something both simplistic and therapeutic about his tag cause it’s easy to spot, clean, and seems to help whatever wall, door, dumpster or street sign it happens to be pulsing across.

Not to get to lofty about it.  It’s graffiti after all.  But the simplicity and consistency has definitely pushed me to be cleaner and simpler with my own work.

It goes beyond being a great tag… and is actually a great overall mark.  Let me put it into context. I’m a Keith Haring fan since the 80’s (before he died and shot to super-stardom) for the same reasons. Keith’s work is clean, simple, and instantly recognizable.  And I actually think I like the EKG simplicity even more than Keith’s work.

(Shout out to George Sewell for the same sort of reason)

Over a period of a couple months when I still lived in NYC, I started snapping pictures of the EKG every time I spotted one.   So here is my EKG photo collection.  A bunch have been Instagram’d already—but they’ve never been put up as a single bit. Hope you like them.

Also… if you like EKG’s work, here is a pretty recent interview (November 1, 2013) with EKG that I found in Nautilus.


Written by: Gabriel Gornell

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