Is this Football T-Shirt about Pride or Racism?

We all know that Charlie Strong is replacing Mack Brown as the new head coach at the University of Texas. So is this T-Shirt (snap shot from Etsy) about Pride or Racism?

Charlie Strong T-Shirt

Let’s be honest… that depends on who is wearing it.  If a Charlie Strong supporter who happened to be African American put it on—then it would certainly be about pride.   That’s fine by us.

Strong & BrownBut if a Mack Brown supporter who happened to be Caucasian ever put it on… well… umm…. a Caucasian Mac Brown supporter should just NEVER wear this T-Shirt.  Sorry.


The ‘Orange is the New Black’ inspiration really has got nothing to do with it.  This is the first time we officially think that some pieces of clothing are fine for one race, but NOT fine for another.  Maybe perception is 90% of reality after all.

Strong’s well-paid contract is for 5 years—and we wish him huge success in each and every one of them.  And for the record, Etsy took down the T-Shirt from their site in fear that it could certainly be viewed as racist, regardless of who is wearing it.

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