Graffiti / Miley… Syriasly?

I’ve generally kept my mouth shut on the Miley front, but this piece of Street Art got my attention.  I think it’s pretty great because it feels like an in-your-face reaction to all the reactions. Let’s be honest, the reaction to Miley amongst the soccer-mom-set is pretty laughable.  I’m not pointing any fingers.  But come on.

Syriasly_MileyWhile it (admittedly) wasn’t a great creative moment—it was hardly important or shocking enough for all the attention.  And while the actual performance may not have been great… this graf makes up for it.  Demonizing Miley in neon green is pretty damn funny.  And the typography makes the whole thing playful.  This was spotted in Venice Beach, CA.

Addition from February, 2014  Shout out to Miley for still being important & present several months after the world thought she was done.  Where they hell is Robin Thicke since the VMAs?

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