The Rolling Stones (2005-2007)

In support of The Rolling Stones 24th US studio album A Bigger Bang, the greatest rock & roll band of all time hit the road for a landmark tour beginning August 2005 and wrapping August 2007.







Mick Jagger and Charlie Watts personally approved Gabriel Gornell to creative direct the merchandising program that delivered about $250 Million annually during the tour.  Over 200 officially licensed products were available by catalog, online, at retail, and on-tour that ranged from concert tees, to pajamas, to outerwear, to shot glasses, to high-end lingerie from Agent Provocateur.

Just before the advent of social media, the marketing elements included graphic design and identity systems, photo libraries, catalog design and printing, posters & signage, retail packaging including labels, hang-tags, sewn labels, etc., and branded video content.

Oscar The Grouch & Anderson Cooper [2012]

Oscar the Grouch and Anderson Cooper perform at the Daytime Emmys.
Oscar the Grouch and Anderson Cooper perform at the Daytime Emmys.

For the 39th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, Gabriel made the creative decision to bring together two wildly different daytime genres (kids & talk) in a musical collaboration.

For this he paired Oscar the Grouch with Anderson Cooper in a musical piece that he produced with songwriters Adam Schlesinger (That Thing You Do, Music and Lyrics, Colbert Christmas) and Robert Smigel (SNL, Conan, Hotel Transylvania).


You’re Nobody Til Somebody Kills You [2012]

YNTSKY_Photo_08For Michael A. Pinckney’s feature film directorial debut, the hip hop horror film You’re Nobody Til Somebody Kills You (YNTSKY), Gabriel served as Executive Producer along side Spike Lee with a key focus on music.

YNTSKY_Photo_03For the studio sequence featuring rhymes from rap icon Doug E. Fresh, Gabriel produced an original beat with EDM composer Kotchy.  And for the live performance from legend Big Daddy Kane, Gabriel produced the beat with Kotchy and Inner Party System.  Gabriel also cleared tracks from Inner Party System via a collaboration with Red Bull Records.




Il Volo [2013]

For the 40th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, Gabriel made the creative decision to accompany the heartfelt In Memoriam tribute with a live musical performance—something the Daytime Emmys hadn’t done for the last five years.

With the help of talent producer Caprise Arreola (The Voice, Kennedy Center Honors, Primetime Emmys), Gabriel booked and produced a very memorable segment featuring international opera sensation Il Volo performing their hit Mas Que Amor.

Il Volo (Italian for ‘The Flight’) is the Italian operatic pop trio consisting of tenors Piero Barone and Ignazio Boschetto, and baritone Gianluca Ginoble. They’ve released four albums since 2010 and have quickly become international superstars.


BOS (1999)

Blast from the past. In 1999 I made this short film with writer Michael Shapiro, director Darek Bell, animator and sculpture genius Dan Katcher, and long-time collaborator and friend, Ben Telford as art director.  Stop motion animation is a slow, painful process.  But we were determined to forgo CGI, and keep this art project true to form.  It’s dark, twisted, troubling statement on society.  Enjoy!

Scooby Doo Game Spot (1998)

Blast from the past! This spot was produced by Gabriel Gornell in 1998 for the Toy Fair release of the Scooby Doo Thrills & Spills Game. Working for an advertising agency at the time, Gornell hired the Christopher Gentile to direct the spot that was shot on a stage in Toronto.  Gornell and Gentile went on to produce several kids spots together during this era—most of which based on major entertainment properties.  The agency was Berenter Greenhouse & Webster, the art director was Stacey Lewis, and yes… this was produced when things were still shot on 35mm Film. Zoinks!

Doug E. Fresh (scene)

Doug E. Fresh! In this clip from the Hip Hop Horror film You’re Nobody ‘Til Somebody Kills You, hip hop icon Doug E. Fresh spits a new rhyme in a scene featuring James McDaniel and Michael Mosley.  The film You’re Nobody ‘Til Somebody Kills You is executive produced by Spike Lee and Gabriel Gornell—who is also handling sales & distribution through his LocoDistro shingle.

Is this Football T-Shirt about Pride or Racism?

We all know that Charlie Strong is replacing Mack Brown as the new head coach at the University of Texas. So is this T-Shirt (snap shot from Etsy) about Pride or Racism?

Charlie Strong T-Shirt

Let’s be honest… that depends on who is wearing it.  If a Charlie Strong supporter who happened to be African American put it on—then it would certainly be about pride.   That’s fine by us.

Strong & BrownBut if a Mack Brown supporter who happened to be Caucasian ever put it on… well… umm…. a Caucasian Mac Brown supporter should just NEVER wear this T-Shirt.  Sorry.


The ‘Orange is the New Black’ inspiration really has got nothing to do with it.  This is the first time we officially think that some pieces of clothing are fine for one race, but NOT fine for another.  Maybe perception is 90% of reality after all.

Strong’s well-paid contract is for 5 years—and we wish him huge success in each and every one of them.  And for the record, Etsy took down the T-Shirt from their site in fear that it could certainly be viewed as racist, regardless of who is wearing it.

Man About Town (1997)

Man About Town (1997).  I executive produced this short film in 1997 and among other accolades, it went on to win Best Short Film and the Sundance Film Festival.  Wow.  Can’t believe how many years ago we made this. The director (Kris Isacsson) and I were best friends when we were teenagers—and we made movies all the time together.  Later on, we worked together a great deal professionally as well.

This little art film was made during that interesting period after school—but before I was really any sort of professional filmmaker.  The writer (and lead actor) was a friend as well.  His name is Matt Gunn, and to this day I still love the script that he wrote.

Oh.  And that’s a young me playing the Jersey guy.  Man About Town.  Hope you like it.

Condoms in Cannes

Easy-onSpending last week in Cannes I decided that this week’s blog post should be a little something about my travels, but I didn’t want it to be yet another rant about my Mipcom slate.

Now, thousands of folks who work in TV and Film descend upon Cannes three times a year (MipTV, Festival, and Mipcom) and spend their days going from Hotel to Palais to Dinner to The Grand.  And repeat.  But how many of us actually lift up our heads as we go about our business?

ManixThe day after the market I decided to keep my iPhone in hand, and photograph the goings-on as I shopped for the wife and Durex_01kids.  What did I notice?  Condom machines!  Condom machines on almost every block.  It made me think about a few things.  Sex was obviously the first thing.  But attitudes about sex was next.

The French clearly look at sex differently than Americans.  And I’m a little embarrassed to be prudish about it myself (and that’s the story I’m sticking to!).

The French look at sex as a fun, in the moment experience that feels good, that may (or may not) be tied to any level of love.  And that’s all fine.  In fact, it’s all perfect.  Sex is fun and sex happens. Therefore… make condoms available to everyone.   Men, women, teens, etc.  Put them on every corner.

2 EuroAmericans on the other hand do their best to make a teenager have to go to planned parenthood for a rubber.  Or bring a pack of condoms up to the counter at the local drugstore in front of their neighbor.  Or worse, have to ask for them behind the counter.

In America, we’d rather deal with the consequences of STDs & Teen Pregnancy if it means we can Durex_02go on pretending that we’re pure and without human urges.

Jeez… Is sex so bad that we have to hide it behind some counter as if to say “If teens must have sex, I’d rather it be unprotected.  That will show them!”  Not to mention the tipsy adult couple that just wanna get it on.  I say let them have sex.

Viva dispensers!