C3 Presents SOUND OF FASHION [Current]

Sound of Fashion delves into music’s influence on style and fashion (and vice versa) over time.

Very happy to be leading this music-meets-fashion short film series in partnership with C3 Presents / Live Nation as the project’s creator and director. The first two short films in the series are linked below.

The first short film in the series (link below) entitled “Louis The Child X Lollapalooza” premiered on Hulu on August 6, 2023 during the telecast of Lollapalooza.

During this short, we spent the day with DJs Louis The Child in and out of streetwear boutiques on Fairfax Avenue in West Hollywood, CA where we explored how style and fashion has evolved within the world of DJ culture. From Fatboy Slim to Daft Punk to Swedish House Mafia… we got into all of style trends which had an impact on Chicago’s own, Louis The Child.

Louis The Child in Sound Of Fashion

The second short-film In the second short in the series came in October. Entitled “Nessa Barrett X ACL Fest” which premiered on Hulu during the October 6, 2023 ACL telecast, we spent the day with artist and influencer Nessa Barrett during wardrobe design and rehearsals for her upcoming tour. And beyond our lively conversation about what’s important and what her influences are… we also got a sneak peak at her (at the time) soon to be released new single ‘Club Heaven‘ during her rehearsals.

Nessa Barrett in Sound Of Fashion

Stay tuned! This series is ongoing. MORE. TO. COME.

Nessa Barrett: Self

Louis The Child: Self

Creator/Director: Gabriel Gornell

Executive Producer: Daniel Gibbs

Executive Producer: Douglas Caballero

Producer/DP: Jaime Andres Salazar

DP: Lorenzo Diego

Post Audio: Alessio Caltagirone