PIRATE.COM (2017-2019)

Two year initiative provided on-going executive-level council and strategy to the London-based music studio brand (largest in world) in areas of business strategy, brand strategy + expansion planning for their North American roll-out beginning in 2017.

I’ve known and worked with Gabriel for over 10 years, and I’ve worked with him in different capacitie over those years – both reporting to Gabriel, and as his client. I’ve worked closely with him in areas ranging from international television distribution, covering sales markets like Mipcom and EFM, as well as strategic planning for multi-city, thousand-room studio roll-outs with Pirate.com. And most recently, I’ve leaned into his experience in areas of music-audience acquisition by having him consult with our North American marketing team. Gabriel always brings fresh thinking that’s rooted in actual hands-on experience. I intend to continue collaborating with him well into the future – and highly recommend him.” –Sammi Alani, VP North America, PIRATE.COM

Gabriel, Adam Balderston (Pirate COO), and Magic Giant at SXSW