As trade patterns shift, smart marketing and content from China is more important than ever…

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As a content creator and marketer who has done a fair amount of work recently for Chinese brands – helping them effectively reach American audiences, I believe this report from the The New York Times represents both an immediate need for Chinese businesses… as well as an opportunity for American marketers and content creators. More than ever, Chinese businesses require more effective content and brand messaging in order to build (and rebuild) relationships with American audiences… beyond price-points and features.

Our most recent branded live stream for a Chinese client attracted over 400,000 live viewers during our 2 hour livestream window. Not cumulative… Live! Check out the report in the NY Times


December 2023 Honored to have been selected to EP and Direct the Renogy Holiday Live Stream starring our charismatic host Rachel Reenstra (ABC’s The Wildlife Docs, Discovery’s Ms. Adventure) which garnered an incredible 425,000 live viewers for the 2023 holiday season.

Our “end-to-end” production delivered a “talk show inspired” two-hour live stream driving incredible sales (case study to follow in the coming weeks) for the revered energy brand.

The live experience featuring interviews, off-grid “how to” segments, RV influencers, and live promotions. Thanks and continued appreciation to our agency partners SparkX for their continued support.

Deliverables included: ROS, Script, Casting, Location, Sets, On-Air Graphics, Direction, Production, Uplink, as well as a :30 second promo to market the live stream.


An little old-fashioned seaside table read. Getting everyone on the same page… from client to agency to crew to talent… often comes down to a simple table read. This one is from earlier this week, on location at Dockweiler Beach in Southern California.  Big thanks to JACKERY for trusting us with their incredible outdoors brand.

November 2022, for Jackery, Inc.





Executive Producer: Gabriel Gornell

With 150 artist performances, this was the first major live-streamed event during the COVID pandemic with the business objective of “protecting and growing the Lollapalooza brand,” as seven international IRL festivals were all canceled due to the pandemic. This impressive large scale live-stream drew tens of millions of viewers around the globe and literally invented COVID-compliance for all major events that followed for the next 18 months. The segments were curated and shot around the globe – each within an intimate environment. Gabriel continues to consult with Lollapalooza (Live Nation/C3), supporting a combined content and television initiative.


Gabriel was tapped by record label BMG in 2018 to strategize, create, and oversee all Social, Direct-to-fan, and DSP platforms for the godfather of alternative rock and creator of Lollapalooza, Perry Farrell, who they just signed for the 2019 release of an immersive spatial audio album and experience called Kind Heaven which was the first contemporary rock album to be mixed in Dolby Atmos. This assignment from BMG led to a three-year relationship with Perry Farrell from 2019-2021, in which Gabriel sat on his management team which oversaw every aspect of his music businesses, including solo work, the Jane’s Addiction reunion, the first Porno For Pyros reunion in 28 years, his role in Lollapalooza in seven countries, plus media investments and benefits. This culminated with Gabriel Serving as Executive Producer for Lolla2020.

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Below are some memorable moments from the 4-day live stream experience.

Josh Homme / Lolla2020
Tom Morello / Lolla2020
Toni Cornell / Lolla2020