DEI Pledge of Gabriel Gornell and LocoDistro

Inspired by DEI Commitment Statement from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, we’re committed to the following pledge:

We will:

  1. Achieve the impact we want to have in the world by actively listening to our partners and the communities they work within and serve, investing in and elevating their voices and ideas
  2. Create an inclusive workplace culture that recognizes and values all backgrounds, voices, roles, and contributions
  3. Foster practices to help us build a globally and culturally diverse workforce, empowered and supported to perform at their highest potential
  4. Hold our leaders accountable for developing diverse and inclusive teams, making decisions equitably and transparently, and modeling inclusive behaviors

As we work toward these outcomes, we will hold fast to our vision: that every person will have the chance to live a healthy, productive life and be treated with dignity, humanity and respect — in our organization and around the world.